easy wedding day civil marriage celebrantEveryone dreams of an Easy Wedding Day! As an authorised Civil Wedding Celebrant, I’ll be delighted to contribute to that dream. I offer couples Easy Weddings, Professional Services and extremely Affordable Prices. Whether it’s an Elopement or a Fairy Tale Wedding anywhere in Melbourne. Contact me today.

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Wedding are my Passion as it is your dream. I take pride in Officiating and designing a ceremony to suit everyone’s needs and budget. With me you can have a no fuss Easy Wedding, Personalised Ceremony at the most affordable price anywhere in Melbourne.

My role as a marriage celebrant is to work with couples and show them the endless possibilities and Easy Wedding day with  choices available to them in order to ensure their day is amazing and all about them! I also provide information and guidance to my couples in order to support not only their contribution but also to encourage participation in the development of their ceremony.

For a no smoothe Easy Wedding day, Contact me anywhere in Melbourne and we will meet to discuss the type of ceremony you want. There is absolutely no cost for this initial meeting but after discussing your budget ( obviously within reason) I will explain how I can give you a ceremony to suit your budget. You get a chance to meet me and decide if you want to go ahead. I will ask some basic questions and go through some options and also ask you to share information that will enable me to design a personalised ceremony for you. I will leave you a list of what you will need to provide (birth certificates etc)You then complete the first set of forms which is the ‘Notice of intended Marriage’ – note this must be done at least one month and one day prior to the ceremony. I will view and confirm that all your documents are as required. I would then work up a draft ceremony, with all the points that you want included. I write a ceremony that is unique to your relationship and also share your love story with your family and friends. I then email you the draft ceremony and when you are happy we should have a reasonable finalisation of the ceremony. I will document fully the agreed ceremony and provide you with a copy for you to check and peruse at your leisure and you can advise me of any changes only after you have read it thoroughly. During this time, you may wish to contact me by phone or email, anytime.On the day, I will be at the time and place arranged, and will be around 30mins early to ensure that all preparations that are required are complete. I will need a nominated person from you to check with at the venue. I will check again with that person after the ceremony before I leave.In the next couple of days I will complete and forward all legal documentation to the appropriate authorities.


Traditional Roles and Responsibilities of Family and friends.

Each wedding can be as ‘traditional’ as you want it to be – the choice is up to you!

Below is an example of the traditional roles and responsibilities of family and friends

Bride’s Mother-  Helps compile guest list. Assists with ceremony and reception details. Informs groom’s mother regarding attire to enable compatibility. Sits in front row. Is last to be seated and first to rise following ceremony.

Bride’s Father- Accompanies bride to church and escorts bride to groom at ceremony. (Mother may also do this). Dances second dance with bride at reception. May make a first speech and propose toast to bride and groom to at reception. (Mother of bride may also say a few words)

Bridesmaids/ Matron of Honour-May assist bride in requested tasks associated with wedding such as selection of dresses for bridal party. May host and assist with pre-wedding parties. Precedes bride down aisle. Holds bouquet during vows. May hold groom’s ring.

Best Man/ Groomsmen-May help with bachelor party. Greets guests at wedding. Escorts bridesmaids down isle following ceremony. (May escort bridesmaids down isle prior to ceremony). Directs guests to reception site. Best Man stands next to Groom at ceremony and may carry bride’s ring. Reads emails at reception and may give the third and final speech at the reception on behalf of the bridesmaids. (One of the Bridesmaids/Matron of Honour may give the speech themselves).

Ring Bearer-Traditionally young boy who precedes the bride down the aisle carrying rings perhaps on a cushion. May be accompanied by a flower girl.

Flower Girl-Traditionally a young girl who carries a flower or a bouquet and may accompany the ring bearer.

Guest Book Attendant-Stands beside guest book as guests enter reception and shows guests where to sign. Alternatively, the book may be left in a prominent position for guests to add thoughts at leisure.

Singer/Musicians-May play/sing for bridal entrance and during signing

Reader-The ceremony may include one or two readings. The reason / significance of the choice of reading should be given prior to the reading.

Master/Mistress of ceremonies-Someone to coordinate flow of speeches. Traditionally there are three speeches. Content depends on the individual circumstances. Ladies often participate nowadays. The MC asks people to switch off phone during speeches and ensure that people know where facilities are and the whereabouts of a wishing well or guest book.