Same Sex unions:
Most suitable for those who are legally not permitted to marry yet, or for those not quite ready to commit to marriage. This enables you to still formally affirm your love and devotion to each other and your family and friends. The celebrant does not say the required legal words; however you are presented with a certificate.

My circle of same sex couples has inspired me to offer my services to couples out there wish to be married but can’t legally do so yet.

My name is Sharon Osman and I have been a celebrant for over 7 years and performed over 300 ceremonies, weddings, civil unions and many other ceremonies.

With a back ground in Puboic speaking and Life Coaching I am skilled, connect easily and and totally nonjudgmental. I pride my self in treating people with respect and holding them in high regard regardless of their race, religion,  ethnic background or sexual preference.

I service all over Melbourne and specialize in personalizing ceremonies and will design one which reflects you as a couple and tells your story.
A  Uniting Ceremony is a love story which shares the past, celebrates the present and shines a light towards the future.

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