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melbourne celebrant covid-19 legal wedding registrationAre you having to cancel you your Wedding due to the Coronavirus?

Hello there! I’m Sharon Osman, an authorised Melbourne Celebrant of over 12 Years and I have good news.

I am authorised to still officiate your LEGAL MARRIAGE CEREMONY and can conduct your marriage ASAP.

Call me now on 0422448918 and I will immediately run you through the process and organise for your legal marriage in as early as 24 hours.

According to our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, with me, your Legal Marriage Ceremony is still able to go ahead ASAP or even within 24 hours of notice, IF you are able to provide a legally lodged & valid Notice of Intended Marriage Form, a minimum of a month ago with a legal authority.

All you need to do is have your paperwork transferred to me at your earliest convenience. Alternatively you can lodge your Notice form with me today and get married in as early as a month.


melbourne celebrant covid-19 legal weddingsPerforming weddings for over a decade, I fully understand and appreciate the situation you are in. I am working 24 – 7 to ensure that couples are able to marry on the date they chose, especially those with special circumstances.

You can still choose to legally marry right now, and later on celebrate your Wedding with all your loved ones and friends once all this is over.

So if you consider going ahead, call me for obligation free information, assistance and advise. All I need is relevant paperwork and on the day we adhere to the rules. This being the two parties, the marriage celebrant and your two witnesses. Practicing social distancing of 1 person per 4 square meters. This includes indoor and outdoor weddings.

To make this easy and add to the safety of every one I have a huge backyard garden that easily allows for this. Hand sanitizer is provided for all, separate pens for signing and you even have the option to love stream your wedding to include family and friends.

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