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punjabi marriage celebrant melbournePeople marry every day around the world, and I feel blessed to be a part of that joining. Over the past 12 years I have celebrated weddings and learned that from country to country and couple to couple, each wedding ceremony is totally unique and special, thanks to cultural traditions, rituals, and personal preferences. Are you planning to have a Punjabi style wedding in Melbourne?

Congratulations and welcome! I’m Sharon Osman a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant of Indian background. I was born and raised in India but came here 30 years ago.

My love for traditional weddings has drawn hundreds of Punjabi couples in Melbourne to me.

Punjabi weddings are simply magical, unique and filled with warmth, tradition, and class. From the colourful attire, soulful music to the exquisite food, mixed with traditions and rituals, it’s hard to not love.

As a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant conducting Punjabi weddings, I am very blessed to have officiated the most amazing ceremonies for the most friendly people.

No matter what sort of wedding you have in mind, I can help you make your dream come true.

I am a mother, wife and grandmother, a life coach and many things to many people, but my love for weddings has always played a massive roll in my life. So I am very flexible and respectful of what ever sort of Punjabi ceremony you choose. All my ceremonies are in English but I’m happy to include any cultural, traditional or religious aspects you request.

For Punjabi Weddings in Melbourne, some couples choose an easy registry style marriage from my home office, others prefer something a bit more elaborate where they book a wedding reception or venue and invite family and friends to celebrate.

As a Melbourne celebrant, celebrating Punjabi weddings I have always embraced people from all walks of life with full respect, and without any judgement.

punjabi weddings melbourne celebrantRegardless of how large or how intimate your wedding, every couple is treated with total professionalism, warmth and understanding.

Being Indian, I do have a soft spot for all my Punjabi and Indian couples. 😊

If you choose my services, I work with you to personalise your wedding ceremony to pay homage to your Punjabi heritage to whatever capacity you wish.

I offer ideas and options to blend it into a traditional Australian ceremony or even allow for inter faith marriages where one party may be of Punjabi Heritage and the other is not.

So to know more about my Melbourne Celebrant services, please call me for a free quote and chat about your special day.

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