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888 form partner visa letter melbourne celebrantHello and congratulations! You must be planning to marry and need to bring your partner over to Australia.

Well if you are filling in the 888 FORM for PARTNER VISA and require a Celebrant to lodge your notice form and provide you with a Letter, I can help.

My name is Sharon Osman and I have been marrying couples from all over the world for over 12 years.

Hundreds of couples have booked my services and have lodged the NOIM with me. I then provide a formal letter professionally sharing my credentials and stating that the couple has lodged the NOIM form with me and booked my services.

There is a non refundable service fee and the form is valid for 18 months.

If you like to go ahead please call me on 0422448918 and I can send you the form and book your wedding date. I then immediately prepare your letter for 888 FORM for PARTNER VISA APPLICATION.

As a Melbourne Celebrant offering this service for Partner Visa Letter, I am highly professional, respect confidentiality and offer a high quality service from start to finish.

888 form partner visa letter-melbourne wedding celebrantOnce the 888 PARTNER VISA is granted and your partner arrives in Australia you can decide what sort of wedding ceremony you want and we can discuss your needs.

I can work with you and put together a package that suits your individual wishes.

I guide you every step of the way to create the most amazing and stress free wedding ceremony.

So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on


Melbourne Celebrant – 888 FORM FOR PARTNER VISA LETTER