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If you are after a Basic Ceremony or an Easy Wedding in Melbourne, there are many options. From short ceremonies to easy elopements, I not only specialise in them but offer special prices to suit.. So contact me now.

basic ceremony melbourne civil wedding celebrantQuite often couples contact me for easy weddings or basic no fuss ceremonies. I’m very delighted to offer a service that is easy, affordable, stress free and quick… All over Melbourne.

My Professionalism, reliability and good reputation has earned me a remarkable standing as a Melbourne Celebrant.

I have married couples from different nationalities, religions and backgrounds from all walks of life from different countries.

Once you’ve filled in the Notice of Intention to Marry form a month in advance and provided the necessary legal identification you are ready to legally marry.

How easy is it to get married in Australia and who can get married:

Legalities –

“Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.”

Marriage can occur between any man and any woman, or same sex couples, as long as they are both a marriageable age. Regardless of what you want, the sky is the limit. It would be my pleasure and honour to be your celebrant and help you create a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful place.
My passion is to create ceremonies that are meaningful, joyful and inspiring – rituals that beautifully celebrate your unique experience.
This is your day so it’s vital you have the kind of ceremony that you want.
I will work closely with you to:
Craft words that are just right for you
Include rituals that are relevant for you
Use music that is significant for you
Design a ceremony that is just perfect for you.

I offer formal, informal and alternative ceremonies. Whatever suits your needs for your special day.
My style as a celebrant is casual but professional, relaxed but organised, friendly and down to earth.
I specialise in beach, bush, farm and garden weddings, but am happy to perform your ceremony at any special place you choose.

As you design an event that is expressive of your style and personalities, your ceremony should be no different. Those special spoken words should be reflective of your relationship, specific to your beliefs and stylized to you.

My role as your celebrant is to listen and understand you vision and assist with ideas and suggestions where appropriate. Together we can create a ceremony that every one will enjoy, and you can look back on with fond memories. Do call me on 0422448918 and let’s chat about what you want.