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Looking for a Marriage Celebrant in Blackburn, Blackburn North or Blackburn South? Well if you are, you’ve come to the right place for a Celebrant offering unbeatable value and a warm professional service that not only suits your needs but also your budget.

blackburn civil celebrantYou will be surprised at my high quality services and low rates. Anywhere in and around Blackburn. With over 12 years of experience, Sharon Osman conducts Weddings however big or small. Elopements cheaper than the Registry Office,  professionally conducted any day of the week as long as all the legal requirements are met.

Any nationality, any background, any cultural belief, religious, non religious anything you want in Blackburn or anywhere in Melbourne. Your day will be presented your way. 4 guests, 20 guests or 300 guests. You will get the same quality and professionalism.

Sharon specialises in personalising your ceremony and presenting you with one that is uniquely designed for you. The focus will be you and your love story will be shared on the day along with perfectly suited vows that you can choose from, or you have the option to write your own with Sharon’s assistance.

Graduating from the Academy of Celebrancy, Sharon has completed her Certificate 1V in Celebrancy. She works in Quality Assurance and is also studying Life Coaching with the Life Coaching Academy. She has the ability to make everything run smoothly and effortlessly on the day, calming and relaxing you so that you can take in the day entirely while she takes on everything else.

Establishing rapport with you effortlessly, Sharon has a warm and calm nature that allows you to feel safe and comfortable. If you require your music to be played through her PA system, that’s absolutely possible.

Getting married in Blackburn or anywhere in  Australia is very straight forward for most people, however the following summary is an indication of points of which to be aware. The legal age for marriage in Australia is 18 years. Provisions exist under Section 12 of the Marriage Act if ONE only of the parties is between the ages of 16 and 18 years.

blackburn marriage celebrantProhibited relationships are between a person and a direct ancestor or descendant; and between full or half blood siblings. For the purposes of this requirement adopted children and parents are deemed to be a natural relationship.

Your Melbourne celebrant is not permitted to perform a marriage for which the prescribed notice has not been received. The original or an emailed copy of the “Notice of Intended Marriage” must be RECEIVED by the celebrant within the prescribed time frame. I e: Not less than one month nor more than 18 months prior to the date of marriage. It is an offence to back or post date receipt of the NOIM. Provision exists for shortening of the waiting period in very specific exceptional circumstances.

The Notice can be lodged by one person only (if the other party is reasonably unable to sign — eg overseas) provided that the second party completes it prior to the marriage..  In such a case your celebrant must witness the second party’s signature.

Marriage may take place between Australian and foreign residents. NB: Marriage in Australia or to an Australian resident does not confer legal rights to Australian residency.  Contact the Immigration Department or a migration specialist for full details.

The Australian marriage of a foreigner may not be automatically recognised by all countries. (This is commonly resolved by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade applying an Apostille Stamp to your certified marriage certificate.)

Proof of date and place of birth is required. As a general rule such evidence must be an original birth certificate or passport. If these are in a language other than English, they must be accompanied by an English translation by an approved translator.

Persons previously married must provide their Melbourne wedding celebrant with a certificate evidencing how the last relationship terminated. (IE death certificate, divorce absolute, divorce certificate or court annulment.)

Not withstanding any evidence submitted, the celebrant has the responsibility to be personally satisfied as to age, identity and free intent of the parties. The celebrant shall request appropriate photo ID (eg driver’s licence or passport)

Documents in a language other than English will generally require an English translation by an approved translator. Refer: National Accreditation for Translators. Phone: 1300 557 470

At the marriage ceremony, two persons over the age of 18 years are required to witness the marriage and sign the certificates. Family members or other relatives are acceptable.

So for an easy wedding at an unbeatable price in Blackburn call Sharon today on 0422448918.