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fiance visa application marriage celebrant serviceHello and welcome! Congratulations on your engagement and I hope to help you moving forward.

Do you need a Celebrant Letter for a Fiancé Visa Application? If so I can help. Having been an authorised Wedding Celebrant for over 12 years now, I have been frequently approached by one party who wants to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form with me and requests a letter, for a Fiancé visa application letter. This requires confirmation of a proposed date for the marriage ceremony. It must be a signed and dated formal letter from myself, an authorised Marriage Celebrant who will conduct your wedding ceremony. The letter will include the place and date on which the planned marriage ceremony is to take place. As your celebrant, I will confirm that a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) for you and your fiancé(e) has been lodged with me. This letter indicates firm plans of your booking and also states  that you’ve paid a non-refundable booking fee basically to show that you are serious about getting married,  and that I will be available to solemnize the marriage.

For the Fiancé Visa Application letter, the NOIM is not required to be sent along with the letter. Not even a copy is required, however some migration agents or lawyers are determined that they do need the NOIM to add to the application. I’m always happy to email the parties a copy of the NOIM; it’s their information and their document, after all. I prefer to send it to the parties and let them send it on rather than send it to a migration agent/lawyer directly. This covers me for any privacy issues.


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