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melbourne civil wedding celebrantLooking for a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant? If you are here, then we were meant to meet. Regardless of where about you are marrying in Melbourne, I come to you offering a remarkable service and unbeatable value.

Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for your time to read.

I’m Sharon Osman a Marriage and Wedding Celebrant servicing all of Melbourne.

My Wedding Celebrant journey began over 12 years ago and I have been conducting weddings in In Melbourne and interstate ever since.

Weddings have been a major part of my life and after uniting hundreds of couples from all walks of life, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds I still love this job.

Officiating weddings as a wedding celebrant, I have grown, evolved, have a gathered wealth of knowledge and feel honoured to have some unforgettable experiences.

What does this mean for you?

In these very different times, I’m here first of all to give you hope, encouragement and reassurance that regardless of what sort of wedding ceremony you choose, I can transform it into the most magical event.

I listen, understand, guide offer ideas if required and tailor a ceremony to suit your individual needs. Once I’ve gauged exactly what you want, I then tailor a price to suit it all. I feel humbled & very grateful to all my couples who have voted for me several times at the ABIA awards for Best Wedding Celebrant in Melbourne Victoria, and I’m deeply grateful to ABIA for their support over the years.

I extend my services to everyone everywhere no matter who they are. I’ve been asked to even travel interstate and overseas to conduct weddings. My couples are very normal people. Same Sex or not I have married  Australian, Irish, Scottish, English, Indian, Sri Lankan, Punjabi, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Cambodian, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Malaysian, Ethiopian, American, Canadian, New Zealanders, students, tourist and much much more.

As a Marriage and Wedding Celebrant all over Melbourne,  I have been often called the “Multi Cultural Marriage Celebrant”. My vast experience with multicultural people has enabled me to be open to a variety of cultures and different traditions.

Often couples tell me that they were energetically drawn to my website. That for me truly opens my heart.

Although my warm personality attracts people to me effortlessly, many of my couples have been recommended to me by wedding couples who I have married.

This not only makes me very grateful but very excited and humbled to know that I really added value to them and impacted them enough for them to recommend me to their family and friends.

With me no one goes without. I have options and packages to suit everyone’s budget.

You might choose a glamorous reception wedding or a beautiful garden wedding, or in a significant spot. I write the most meaningful and romantic ceremonies, with vows that suit perfectly. There’s nothing that I could not do to make your dream day manifest into a magical reality.

OR you might choose to have something low key with a few people in your back yard.

OR you might want something even more intimate and have a Registry Style Wedding from my office.

I have married multi millionaires, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, teachers, bikers, captain’s, pilots, mechanics, teachers, cleaners, retired people and students.

I treat everyone with the same respect and offer a service that doesn’t discriminate. I guess this way being has added to my unbelievable success.

I‘m often told that my very different approach makes me stand out from the crowd. I come from a place of love, warmth and kindness which is becoming rather rare these days. My life coaching background has enhanced my public speaking skills and effortless connection with people. Being real and non judgmental allows people to instantly feel confident, comfortable and safe with me.

melbourne civil marriage celebrantIf you are not sure of what you want please call me or email me for a free chat and no obligation advice or quote.

Perhaps you are a student from overseas and have fallen in love and desire to marry in Australia, call me and I can help you organise your wedding asap. Once you provide me with the valid Notice of Intention to Marry Form and all legally required documents, I can make your dream a reality easily & cost effective. You have nothing to lose but possibly savings as I offer different discounts throughout the year.

As a Wedding & Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne, I cater to suit everyone’s budget and requirement. Nothing is impossible because I believe that every problem has a solution.

I strongly encourage couples to read reviews & testimonials so you know that you are investing in a trustworthy & reputable Melbourne Wedding Celebrant. In the midst of everything else with your wedding planning at least you have the Peace of Mind and that your Wedding Ceremony will flow seamlessly. It’s very important that your Wedding Celebrant comes strongly recommended by real Married Couples, so spend a few minutes on their website to read testimonials and reviews.

Choosing me as your Melbourne Wedding Celebrant is will not only eliminate stress, and disappointment but enhance your memories of your significant day.

Call for no obligation free chat.