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As you plan to marry and set the scene for your Wedding day, allow me to take care of your Wedding Ceremony.

Hello and congratulations! I’m Sharon Osman a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant and I’m extremely pleased that you are reading on.

With all the uncertainty we experienced lately, I would love to lift your spirits and guarantee you that you are in an even stronger place now for a very happy, loving and long married life.

My Specialty is Wedding Ceremonies, both personalised ceremonies and legal registration marriages. I’ve conducted hundreds of weddings over the years and still love the sense of fulfilment I experience.

Planning a wedding is never easy but it sure is fun, exciting and memorable.

What’s most important to you on the day?

What would you like your guests to remember most about your wedding day?

melbourne marriage celebrantWhere would you ideally like to marry?  How big or intimate do you want it to be? Are some of the things you need to consider.

Regardless of whether it’s traditional or contemporary, big or small, indoor reception or outdoor garden, One thing I know for sure is that 6 years ago when I married, I wanted a Personalised ceremony with the most meaningful wedding vows to be cherished and remembered. Having walked the walk,  I’ll put a tremendous amount of effort into creating the perfect one for you.

Put your trust in me and know that with 12 years of experience in the wedding industry, conducting weddings all over Melbourne, interstate & couples from overseas, you are in great hands.

As an Melbourne Wedding Celebrant, a Life Coach and mentor, my nature is to serve. My aim is to help make everything simple and easy so you can focus on enjoying without the stress.

Trying to share your feelings and express them is not something everyone is comfortable with. With years of practice I’ve mastered the art of listening to couples, creating a safe environment for them to trust and carefully use their own words to express their heartfelt and deep love for their beloved. I love what I do and I do what I love, and that is creating the most authentic story with perfectly matched vows and delivering it to your family and guests in the most engaging and unforgettable way.

A memory that will bring lasting joy to your heart and a smile to your face and stay with you forever.

melbourne wedding celebrantI will guide you every step of the way, ask the right questions so you can tap into your creativity and together we create a masterpiece and deliver the most significant day of your life.