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melbourne wedding celebrant all suburbsEngaged and waiting to get married in these very different times??

Congratulations! If you are one of those couples planning or planned a wedding and had to cancel, I truly feel for you. I’m Sharon Osman a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant servicing all Melbourne Suburbs and I certainly feel the disruption, disappointment and discouragement experienced by many couples and the wedding industry itself. In fact the whole world is affected by this global pandemic that struck without a warning.

Now on a bright note, I’m now taking bookings for 2023. Why? Because I truly believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is not far.

I have been serving as a Melbourne Marriage Celebrant for almost 12 years now and have met and married hundreds of couples.

Some as young as 18 and the oldest 92.

I love practicing as a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant and words cannot describe how much joy, success and fulfilment it’s brought to my life.

Regardless of what what sort of wedding you are planning, or whether you haven’t decided as yet, call me for a quick chat. No strings attached and see what I have on offer.

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Being a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant servicing all suburbs, has been most rewarding and I feel very proud & humbled to have been nominated numerous times by ABIA ( Australian Bridal Industry Awards ) for Celebrant of the year and received several Awards.

All thanks to the couples who voted for me and rated my services.

civil marriage celebrant melbourne all suburbsMy background in Life Coaching and public speaking has vastly contributed to my success as a celebrant. The knowledge and skills I have learned helps me attract people from all walks of life, nationalities, sexual preferences and cultures.

My open heart and mind creates a safe space for couples to be who they are and still be valued and respected.

I am an ordinary Melbourne Wedding Celebrant who has achieved extraordinary results and success for which I’m truly grateful. I love people and love being of service, I love helping and making people happy so this inspires me to go to the extra mile to empower, encourage and expand the awareness and imagination of my couples. This way I get to create for them the most amazing, meaningful and authentic ceremony.

Call or text me for a quick no obligation chat and see how I can serve you.