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Sharon Osman

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mill park civil wedding celebrantI am Sharon Osman an authorised Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne Australia – and at this fee, probably the cheapest Marriage Celebrant service in Melbourne. Marriages conducted in my Melbourne home  are just like a Civil Marriage or Wedding ceremony held in the Melbourne Registry office of Birth, Deaths & Marriages or the Victoria  Marriage Office only with less costs, less fuss and you don’t have to drive or park in the city. Once I have registered your marriage you can go and purchase you ‘official’ Marriage certificate Melbourne  directly from Melbourne’s  office of the Registry of Birth, Deaths & Marriages for a small fee.

I am a registered and authorised marriage celebrant in Melbourne and I have conducted hundreds of marriage ceremonies for hundreds of couples, just like the type of marriage ceremony you are after – quick, cheap and simply legal in every respect to be held in my home office.

Are you getting married in Bali, or having a Bali marriage ceremony? Perhaps you had, or are going to have a marriage ceremony and/or blessing overseas – in Bali, or Thailand, or in Las Vegas or India, or in Korea or Taiwan or anywhere else in the world, but it was not/or is not going to be a legal marriage ceremony, or you had or are having a friend conduct your ceremony, but he is not a registered marriage celebrant in Melbourne.

mill park civil wedding celebrantPerhaps you are on holiday in Melbourne from overseas, or you are an overseas student studying in Melbourne and want your marriage registered in Melbourne. Perhaps, you are eloping, or going to work overseas and need to be , or you just need to get married in Melbourne because you want your relationship officially registered in the Melbourne Registry Office. Perhaps you are applying for a Fiance Visa, or perhaps you are applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa (Visa 300) through Melbourne’s  DIMA (Department of Immigration & Citizenship)?

Regardless of the reason why you are getting married – now you want/need a legal, cheap, quick, simple ‘Registry Office style’  marriage ceremony in Melbourne to make your marriage/union legal and have the marriage registered with the Registry of Birth, Deaths & Marriages in Victoria , Australia?

You may be asking questions like – how much does a celebrant charge?

It is my pleasure to offer you cheap marriage celebrant Melbourne and a budget, quick and easy marriage ceremony in my office for a low fee of $400.00 However, you must still abide by the rules and regulations of the Marriage Act 1961. Most importantly you must bring the required legal documents to the meeting (please see below) or I can not legally conduct a legal marriage ceremony.

However, there are several conditions, so please read below. Please read the conditions to be eligible for this special low price:

1)   you must have 2 witnesses over the age of 18 to witness your marriage ceremony. This is a legal requirement.

2)  you and your partner must be marrying because you are in a committed relationship, you understand the importance of marriage and want to spend the rest of your lives together, exclusively.

3)  the wedding ceremony must take place at my office

4) the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form must be witnessed and given to me a minimum of 1 month before the date of your wedding ceremony. This is a legal requirement.

Please remember that each of you must bring to the consultation, to prove your date and place of birth –

1) an original Australian Birth Certificate, if you were born in Australia,

or 2) an Australian Passport

or 3) an original overseas Birth Certificate (if in English)

or 4) an overseas Passport

5) If either one of you has been married previously, you must present an original divorce certificate.

6) One form of photo identification eg. Drivers License.

7) Death Certificate if your precious spouse has passed away

If you wish to have a whole glamorous ceremony I specialise in personalising ceremonies and create on specifically for you. I basically share your love story with all your family and friends. I provide vows that you can choose from or I can assist you to write your own. Couples who have booked my services to conduct their marriage ceremony in the past have come from all over the world – India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Israel, Hungry, Argentina, France, Italy, Vietnam, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, South America, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Greece, United Kingdom, Christmas Island, and of course, Australia