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pakenham wedding celebrantGetting married soon and looking for a Wedding Celebrant?

Congratulations! Well you might like to read on or give me a call to see how I can help and what I offer.

Planning a wedding a can be challenging, and if you are combining two cultures as it’s often called fusion weddings or multicultural wedding, it can be even can be even more challenging to families.

With almost 12 years of experience in Weddings and Mixed Weddings , I know if there’s no proper communication, understanding & flexibility everything can go pear shaped.

In order to help you, your family and guests relax, enjoy, and experience some of your cultural or religious backgrounds, I help you decide and plan your ceremony according to what’s important to you.

I help you explore the traditions and decide which aspects are most significant to include in your Ceremony. Once you have established which elements are important, then along with my help you can begin planning the best way to blend in those traditions into your wedding ceremony.

I always suggest for my couples to consider involving family members, including parents especially when discussing traditional & cultural components.

pakenham marriage celebrantEveryone is different, If you are marrying in Pakenham or anywhere in Melbourne,