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south asian wedding celebrant melbourne“Unlock the Magic of Your South Asian Wedding in Melbourne”

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m Sharon Osman, your dedicated Melbourne Wedding Celebrant specialising in South Asian / Multicultural Weddings.

Embrace the richness of your culture and traditions with a Celebrant who understands your journey. With 14 years of experience, I’ve had the honor of uniting couples from various South Asian backgrounds, including Indian, Sri Lankan, Punjabi, Sheikh, Hindu, Islamic, and more. I’ve also celebrated love from Chinese to Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Japanese, Indonesian and the Philippines.

My approach revolves around your unique customs and desires, ensuring a wedding ceremony that’s truly magical and unforgettable.

I have also, for many numerous weddings, skillfully weaved together two cultures, religions, and faiths, forging an unbreakable bond of love, unity, and oneness, uniting couples and their families as a harmonious whole.

south asian wedding celebrantWhether it’s the sacred rituals like “Tying of the Thali” “ Exchanging Garlands” or “ Walking around the fire in Indian Weddings, or Sri Lankan ceremonies including as many or few Poruwa aspects as they request including dropping of betel leaves, presenting the bride with a necklace, presenting parents with gifts, tying of the little fingers, feeding the couple milk rice, breaking the coconut and light of the Chicken Lamp, or, Punjabi modern ceremonies, including marriage registration style weddings. I offer flexibility to create your dream wedding.

Explore the heartfelt testimonials on my website to see how I’ve made countless couples’ special days truly exceptional.

From traditional tea ceremonies to infusing cultural and religious elements, I’m your open-minded and accommodating guide. Every ceremony is conducted in English, allowing everyone to appreciate the beauty of these traditions.

south asian marriage celebrant melbourneWith patience and care, I’ll assist you through every step, from paperwork to crafting your love story and vows. Let’s chat about your special day and see if I’m the perfect Celebrant to bring your wedding dreams to life.

Contact me on 0422448918 and let’s make your South Asian wedding in Melbourne an enchanting reality.

Sharon Osman, Your Melbourne Marriage Celebrant for South Asian Weddings