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sri lanka wedding celebrantSharon Osman, a Melbourne-based Sri Lankan wedding celebrant, is renowned for her ability to officiate Sri Lankan weddings with confidence. She has been officiating weddings for over 12 years and has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and experienced celebrants in the region. Her expertise lies in understanding the nuances of the Sri Lankan culture and tradition, which she incorporates into the wedding ceremonies seamlessly.

One of the main reasons why Sharon is so popular with Sri Lankan couples is because she understands the importance of making the wedding ceremony a reflection of the couple’s personalities and beliefs. She believes that every couple has their own unique story to tell, and that the ceremony should be designed in a way that allows the couple’s story to shine through. Sharon takes the time to get to know her clients and works closely with them to create a wedding ceremony that truly reflects their love and commitment to each other.

One of the challenges that many Sri Lankan couples face when planning their wedding is finding a celebrant who can officiate the ceremony and translate the traditional aspects in English. She is able to weave cultural aspects seamlessly into the ceremony, without losing any of the traditional elements that make Sri Lankan weddings so unique.

One of the most important elements of a Sri Lankan wedding is the Poruwa ceremony, which is the main ceremony where the couple exchanges vows and rings. Sharon is well-versed in the Poruwa ceremony and is able to explain the meaning behind each ritual to the couple and their guests. She is also able to incorporate modern elements into the ceremony, such as personalised vows and readings, while still maintaining the traditional elements that make the Poruwa ceremony so special.

Another important aspect of a Sri Lankan wedding is the Kandyan dancing, which is a traditional dance that is performed during the ceremony. Sharon is able to coordinate with the Kandyan dancers and musicians to ensure that the performance is seamless and adds to the overall atmosphere of the wedding ceremony.

sri lanka marriage celebrantOverall, Sharon Osman is an excellent choice for any Sri Lankan couple who is looking for a wedding celebrant who can officiate their ceremony in English while still maintaining the traditional elements that make Sri Lankan weddings so unique. Her ability to incorporate modern elements into the ceremony while still respecting the traditional rituals is what sets her apart from most other celebrants. Her experience, expertise, and attention to detail make her a valuable asset to any wedding planning team.

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