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Wedding planning your can be both exciting and overwhelming. Especially when you are faced with knowing or not knowing what to look for when it comes to choosing the right person who will officiate your ceremony.

Hello & Congratulations! Are you in search of a Glen Waverley Wedding Celebrant?

Well I might just be the one you. These days there are limitless options and many couples don’t even know where to begin.

Practicing as a Glen Waverley Marriage Celebrant for almost 12 years, I have grown and learned a lot. I would love to attempt to make your search for a Marriage Celebrant a little less daunting.

Your Wedding Ceremony is not only the most significant part of your wedding day, but the commencement of your “wedding day” journey. Make sure you choose someone who shares your same or similar vibe or personality so they “get you” effortlessly.

Your ceremony can be one of the most powerful aspects of your wedding, filled with emotions, excitement, laughter and meaning. The Marriage Celebrant you choose should be someone you feel comfortable enough to laugh with, joke with, speak to from the heart and and cry with.

Having to feel safe and comfortable with your celebrant is paramount. As a certificated Life Coach & Celebrant I have the ability and natural urge to connect with and create a safe space for everyone I encounter. My capacity to understand, listen, accept and be humorous when appropriate will make you extremely comfortable with me. I offer guidance and advice if needed and know exactly how to deliver your ceremony to be received perfectly by your guests. I’ve always had a really great relationship with my couples and creating this is extremely important as most of them still connect with me after years.

wedding celebrant glen waverleyAs your Glen Waverley Celebrant I allow you to get to know me well as I get to write about your life story, the intimate parts of your relationship and sometimes you might even want to share your challenges and have them acknowledge in your ceremony. As a Mother, Wife, Grand mother, Celebrant & Coach I allow you to feel a natural and comfortable state where you are free to openly and honestly discuss your needs with me without feeling awkward.

Regardless of what style wedding you want, with me you have endless options and possibilities.

You may want a short and sweet ceremony with just a legal registration or you might want a glamorous wedding ceremony, that’s unique, sharing your love story, love for each other, personalised to reflect you. With fun, laughter and meaningful vows.

Or you might choose something in between. Regardless I will deliver every single ceremony with grace, class and professionalism.

So call or email me for a quick free quote and you will be surprised on how much value I offer.

Call or text today on 0422448918